Diabecon DS
Himalaya Diabecon DS Tablet

Himalaya Diabecon DS Tablet helps in the management of diabetes. It is a formulation of ayurvedic ingredients with anti-diabetic properties. It helps reduce excessive sugar and has a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells, stimulating the activity of insulin production.

Key Ingredients:
Guggulu, Shilajit, Meshashringi, Asana, Yashtimadhu, Saptarangi, Jambu, Shatavari, Punarnava, Mundi, Guduchi, Kirata, Gukshura, Bhumyamalaki, Gambhari, Karpasi, Purified gum resin,

Product highlights:

Shilajeet decreases glucose production and prevents high blood sugar

Gymnema extract helps to temporarily lower your craving for sugar while also increasing glucose utilisation

It inhibits alpha-glucosidase and regulates the enzymes responsible for metabolising carbohydrates naturally

Protects the pancreas and helps you to lower your blood glucose

Management of diabetes

Key Benefits:

Meshashringi has anti-diabetic properties that reduce excessive blood sugar

It has a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells and stimulates the production and activity of insulin

It helps decrease sugar cravings and increase the activity of enzymes responsible for glucose absorption and utilisation

Shilajit reduces hepatic glucose production and prevents hyperglycemia

It has a protective action on b-cells of the pancreas and promotes unrestricted endogenous insulin action

Take one tablet twice daily or as advised by your doctor.

Safety Information:

Do not exceed the recommended dosage

Read the label carefully before use

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Keep out of reach of children
1,000.00 KSh 1000.0 KES